Thanks to the following assisting musicians: Jeff Baxter, David Bromberg, Tom Caulfield, David Givens, Paul Griffin, Gerry Jemmott, Jimmy Johnson, Mark Klingman, Buzzy Linhart, Tony Levin, Billy Mernit, Steve Merriman, Doug Rauch, Jimmy Ryan, Harvey Shapiro, John Siomos, Frank Steo, Jim Wilkins, Ed Freeman

String arrangements for That's The Way I Always Heard It Should Be, Reunions and The Love's Still Growing: Ed Freeman
String arrangement for Alone: Pat Rebillot

Also, much love and luck to and from: Payte, Andrea, Joey, Lucy, David, Julie, Jonno, Sara, Jake, Ricky, Ellen,Vieri, John, Wendy, C.B.

Carly Simon (1971)                           

That's The Way I've Always Heard It Should Be   :   Lyrics

Alone   :   Lyrics

One More Time   :   Lyrics

The Best Thing   :   Lyrics

Just A Sinner   :   Lyrics

Dan, My Fling   :   Lyrics

Another Door   :   Lyrics

Reunions   :   Lyrics

Rolling Down The Hills   :   Lyrics

The Love's Still Growing   :   Lyrics



Produced by: Eddie Kramer for Jerry Brandt/Brandtworks Records, Inc.
Production Supervisors / Jac Holzman and Keith Holzman
Mixdown Engineers: Eddie Kramer & Dave Palmer

Recorded at Electric Lady Studios ( New York City)
Cover Photography: Peter Simon
Back Cover Photo: Joel Brodsky
Art Direction & Design: Robert L. Heimall

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