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Read by the great actress Elizabeth McGovern (Downton Abby, Ragtime)

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Now Available! The newly mixed single “Touched by the Sun” from Carly’s widely celebrated 1995 concert, Live at Grand Central. Recorded, mixed and produced by Frank Filipetti.


A chance encounter at a summer party on Martha’s Vineyard blossomed into an improbable but lasting friendship between Carly Simon and Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis. An intimate, vulnerable, and insightful portrait of the bond that grew between two iconic and starkly different American women, Carly Simon’s Touched by The Sun is a chronicle, in loving detail, of the late friendship she and Jackie shared. It is a meditation on the ways someone can unexpectedly enter our lives and change its course, as well as a celebration of kinship in all of its many forms.

Simon says, "When I first met Jackie, I didn’t imagine we had that much in common much less expect her to become my book editor, confidant, protective mother figure, and mischievous pal. She arrived when I least expected to make a new friend and she stayed up until the time of her death.  I’ve missed her deeply and am reminded of her every day. In the last few years, I found myself doing what I’ve done with all the other things in my life that were too big to look at directly and too important to understand fully as they were happening: I put it down on paper. I found that writing about our time together was the only way to begin to know what she meant to me. Publicly, Jackie was important to all of us, but privately, out of the public eye, I loved her.  I wanted to share my experience of her." 

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