Songs from the Trees: A Musical Memoir Collection (2015)


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Disc 1
1. Boys in the Trees  
2. Winkin’ , Blinkin’ and Nod
3. Orpheus
4. Older Sister
5. It Was So Easy
6. Embrace Me, You Child
7. Hello Big Man
8. Two Hot Girls
9. It Happens Everyday
10. His Friends Are …
11. I'm All It Takes To Make You Happy
12. That’s The Way…
13.  I’ve Got To Have You
14. Anticipation
15. Legend In Your Own Time
16. Three Days

Disc 2
1.  Julie Through The Glass
2,. We Have No Secrets
3.  You’re So Vain
4.  Mind On My Man
5.  Mockingbird
6.  After The Storm
7.  Haunting
8.  In Times When My Head
9.  You Belong To Me
10.  We’re So Close
11.  From The Heart
12.  Come Upstairs
13.  The Right Thing To Do
Previously Unreleased Bonus Tracks
14.  Showdown
15.  I Can’t Thank You Enough


This is a special album that serves as an additional way to look at my stories. 

Most of these songs are precursors to what eventually became the book. As the narrative only goes up to 1983, there are many songs to follow.

In addition, as you’ll see, there is some cross-pollination in the titles of the book and the album, as in Boys in the Trees and Songs from the Trees,  If you feel like playing this puzzle, there are clues of how to cross-reference the songs with the chapters, pages and words. Most of it is pretty clear, but you may get waylaid on a few points: That’s right, you’ll find out that Mick Jagger did not write Mozart’s’ clarinet concerto, and that Jackie Robinson DID indeed do the background vocals to “You’re So Vain” after Benny Goodman left the control booth. Don’t get Orpheus and the Boys in the Trees confused. They are one and the same. We are one and the same.

For all of the listening I hope you will do: “I Can’t Thank You Enough.”

A special thank you to all of the players on the bonus tracks, including and in no particular order, Ben Taylor, Julie Wolf, Jeff Mironov, Dave Sanborn, John Hall, Gordon Edwards, Tony Levin, Will Lee, Arif Mardin, Crusher Bennett, Steve Gadd, Cornell DuPree, Eric Gale, Hugh McCracken, Don Grolnick, Richard Tee, Michael Brecker

“I Can’t Thank You Enough” Instruments & Vocals: Carly Simon, Ben Taylor & Julie Wolf ~ Recorded by Ben Taylor, Jimmy Parr & Ryan Casey ~ Mixed by Ben Taylor, Larry Ciancia & Miguel Scott – Chief Engineer at TreeSound Studios ~ Recorded at Parr Audio and in Carly’s Living Room at Hidden Star Hill on Martha’s Vineyard 

 “Showdown”  Originally Produced by: Arif Mardin ~ Mixed in 2015 by Frank Filipetti, Recorded by: Lew Hahn~ Recorded at Atlantic Studios, New York, NY - Additional recording at A & R Studios, New York, NY

Manager: Malissa "Mali" Hunter
Project Manager & Executive Assistant: Meghan La Roque
Project Coordinator: Erin Kincaid
Licensing: David Ponak
Art Direction & Design: Jeri Heiden
Cover photo: Heidi Wild Photography
Photos courtesy of Carly and Peter Simon
Project Assistance: Susanne Savage, Steve Woolard, Reggie Collins and Ramelro Crawford

 Thank you, RHINO Entertainment: Mike Engstrom, Susanne Savage, Steve Woolard, Brian Hay, Kent Liu, David Ponak, Mark Pinkus, Kate Dear

Boys in the Trees: A Memoir

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Boys in the Trees: A Memoir 

Honest, profound, and poetic, Boys in the Trees is a brilliant and revealing account of the early life experiences that inspired her now-classic songs. 

Boys in the Trees: A Memoir (Audiobook - read by the author)

Includes original music composed especially for the program by Carly Simon and Teese Gohl, plus a  previously unreleased bonus song from Carly Simon.

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