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Body And Soul
Lyrics & Music by: Heyman / Sour / Eyton / Green

My heart is sad and lonely
I sigh for you
For you dear only
Why haven't you seen it
I'm all for you body and soul

I spend my days in longing
And wonder why
It's me you're wronging
I tell you I mean it
I'm all for you body and soul

I can't believe it
It's hard to conceive it
That you'd turn away romance
Are you pretending
It looks like the ending
Unless you'd give me one more chance
To prove dear

My life a wreck you're making
You know I'm yours just for the taking
I'd gladly surrender
Myself to you
Body and Soul

Phil Woods: Alto Sax Solo
Warren Bernhardt: Piano
Eddie Gomez: Acoustic Bass
Mike Mainier: Vibes
Grady Tate: Drums
Marty Paich: Orchestration

© 1930 (renewed) Warner Bros. Inc.