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His Friends Are More Than Fond Of Robin 
Lyrics & Music by: Carly Simon 

His friends are more than fond of Robin
He doesn't need to compliment them
And always as he leaves, he leaves them
Feeling proud just to know him

When Robin goes on holiday
There's no one livin' in our lane
Oh yes, folks still live in our lane
But they're not like Robin

Robin, I've never told you
But I'll be yours until we're old
Please learn to call me in your dreams
The way I'm lookin' at you is just as it seems

He's talked about before he gets there
Though he can never understand it
And I would like to be his alone
But I'm shy and can't demand it

But when Robin gives his love to others
There's no one living in my heart
Oh yes, I keep others in my heart
But they're not like Robin

Piano: Carly Simon
Acoustic Guitar: Jimmy Ryan
Arp Synthesizer arr. by Carly Simon, played by Dave Henshaw

© 1972 Quackenbush Music Ltd., ASCAP