Music by: Carly Simon
Lyrics by: Jacob Brackman

Listening for your footsteps
Just waiting like a fool
Burning with a fever
Only you can cool

The clock beside my pillow
Has ticked away the night
Like a heartbeat mocking me
Until the light

Gotta stop these thoughts about you
Gotta learn to live without you
Gotta find some freedom for this weary slave

'Cause I'm hungry for you
And I'm longing for you
And I'm burning for you

I worship your opinions
And I imitate your ways
I try to make you grace me
With a word of praise

However much I tell myself
That I'm strong and free and brave
I'm just another woman
Raised to be a slave

Slave, nothing but a slave
Mind of a slave
Body of a slave

I find I gave away the soul
That I wanted you to save
I'm just another woman
Raised to be a slave

Hungry for you
And longing for you
Burning for you
And I'm longing for you
burning for you
And I'm yearning for you
Longing for you

Piano: Carly Simon
Acoustic Guitar: James Taylor Drums: Russ Kunkel
Bass: Lee Sklar
Electric Guitar & Mandolin: Lee Ritenour
Background Vocals: Carly Simon, Rita Coolidge, Clydie King
Strings, Horns & Woodwinds arr. & cond. by Perry Botkin, Jr.

© 1975 C'est Music / Jacob Brackman ASCAP