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Three Days
Lyrics & Music by: Carly Simon

If I have known you only three days
Then how will I remember you in ten?
But I could swear I'll love you always
And if the Gods will please be kind
Darling, I'll be with you soon
Soon again

And on the road you have some good times
But when the show is over you go home
And it hurts me so to leave you behind
And Lord I feel lonesome
Lonesome for the you I might have known

You'll be in L.A. in the morning
And I'll be in London by sundown
But when I sing
My song is filled with longing
And the memory of your last look
The way you took me by surprise
And the way you turned my head around
And the way you turned my head around

© 1971 Quackenbush Music, ASCAP