Give Me All Night
Lyrics by: Carly Simon
Music by: Gerard McMahon

I have no need of half of anything
No half time, no half of a man's attention
Give me all the earth and sky
And at the same time add a new dimension
Half the truth is of no use
Give it all, give it all to me
I can stand it
I am strong that way

Give me all night
Give me the full moon
And if I can't take the whole of you
Give it to me anyway
Give me all night
'Till the last star fades
And if you can't take my heart and soul
Take it from me anyway

Don't give me fountains, I need waterfalls
And when I cry my tears will fill an ocean
The pain of love I'll accept it all
As long as you'll join me in that emotion
Half of lovin' is no fun
Give it all, give it all to me
I can stand it
I am strong that way

Don't leave me guessing alone
Don't walk me half the way home
You can do that tomorrow
Just give me, give me all night.

Produced by: Paul Samwell-Smith

Drums: Russ Kunkel
Keyboards: Peter-John Vettese
Guitar: Hugh McCracken
Bass: Tony Levin
Percussion: Jimmy Bralower
Linn Drum: Frank Filipetti
Background Vocals: Carly Simon
Engineered & Mixed by: Frank Filipetti
Assistant Engineers: Scott Mabuchi, Bill Miranda
Recorded & Mixed at Right Track Recording, NYC

© 1986 C'est Music ASCAP / Back Mac Publishing BMI