Coming Around Again (1987)                           

Coming Around Again   :   Lyrics

Give Me All Night   :   Lyrics

Do The Walls Come Down   :   Lyrics

Hold What You've Got   :   Lyrics

It Should Have Been Me   :   Lyrics

The Stuff That Dreams Are Made Of   :   Lyrics

You Have To Hurt   :   Lyrics

All I Want Is You   :   Lyrics

As Time Goes By   :   Lyrics

Two Hot Girls   :   Lyrics

Itsy Bitsy Spider   :   Lyrics


Thank You's:
To Frank Filipetti for 18 1/2 years out of his life
To Gina Silvester for taming what turned out to be a rather wild animal
To the entire staff at Right Track for fruit, flowers, and favors
To Clive Davis for refining, perfecting, and mainly caring
To Roy Lott for being a great ambassador
To Stevie Wonder for being larger than life
To Roberta Flack for dashing down and saving the day
To Don Ienner, Bruce Schoen and the entire Arista staff for carrying me across the threshold
To Tommy Mottola for understanding "hysterical adolescents" and their children
To Brian Doyle for lighting fires and then knowing when to put them out
And to Mike Nichols, for luring the spider out of the web and over to the spout, this album is dedicated to you, my dear friend.


Mastered by Ted Jensen at Sterling Sound, NYC
Photography: Lynn Goldsmith
Art Direction: Howard Fritzson ~ Design: Margery Greenspan, ~ Creative Direction: Steven Shmerler Silvester

Management and Direction: Tommy Mottola, A Champion Entertainment Organization