Reflections (2004)                           

That's The Way I Always Heard It Should Be
Legend In Your Own Time
The Right Thing To Do
You're So Vain
Haven't Got Time For The Pain
Nobody Does It Better
You Belong To Me
Coming Around Again
Give Me All Night
The Stuff That Dreams Are Made Of
All I Want Is You
Let The River Run
Better Not Tell Her
Love Of My Life
Like A River
Touched By The Sun


This Compilation Produced for Release by Carly Simon
Executive Producer: Joseph Dimuro
A&R: Gary Pachecho & Gary Peterson
Remastering: Bill Inglot & Dan Hersch at Digiprep
Project Directors: Victoria Sarro & Matthew Stringer
Art Direction: Erwin Gorostiza ~ Design: Kiku Yamaguchi
Front & Back Photographs: Bob Gothard / Arista Archives

Original Recordings Produced by Eddie Kramer, Paul Samwell-Smith, Richard Perry, Arif Mardin, Mike Mainieri, Russ Kunkel, Bill Payne, George Massenburg, John Boylan, Carly Simon, Rob Mounsey, Frank Filipetti & Don Was