Maybe I've earned the right to do these songs, maybe I haven't. Let time be the judge. I have always sung standards, from the time I was a little girl mooning, as most of us were, over Frank Sinatra's great classic renditions.

This is my fourth collection of these timeless songs, from Torch in 1981, My Romance in 1990, and Film Noir in 1997. Each one carefully guided by the hands of the wonderful producer/arrangers, giving me a different take on the material.

Now, with Richard Perry, my hugely talented and dear friend, I go down this road again. Oscar Hammerstein, Jerome Kern, Cole Porter, George and Ira Gershwin, Glenn Miller, Arthur Schwartz and Howard Dietz (to name some of the great contributors to this era of the American popular song).

Richard and I, working together on so many albums (yes, they once were called albums, just as refrigerators were called "ice boxes") in the seventies as well as single cuts in years after that, had been looking for a project to collaborate on again. Richard, having worked recently on the Rod Stewart albums, had a newly renewed taste and swagger in a romantic concept.

Moonlight Serenade. Songs you can dance to, make love to and engage perhaps in a dry martini or a pre-dawn swim to. "What a great idea, Richard," I said, knowing I didn't have time to do a whole ten, eleven or twelve songs.

Now here it is: magically, as if by Richard's wizardry, before you. I hope that you put it under your pillow and see if the tooth fairy comes. I have often been mistaken for the tooth fairy.

Moonlight Serenade (2005)                           

Moonlight Serenade   :   Lyrics

I've Got You Under My Skin   :   Lyrics

I Only Have Eyes For You   :   Lyrics

Moonglow   :   Lyrics

Alone Together   :   Lyrics

In The Still Of The Night   :   Lyrics

The More I See You   :   Lyrics

Where or When   :   Lyrics

My One And Only Love   :   Lyrics

All The Things You Are   :   Lyrics

How Long Has This Been Going On   :   Lyrics


Produced by: Richard Perry
Associate Producer: Lauren Wild
Mixed by: Bobby Ginsburg at Reagan's Garage, Los Angeles, CA
Mastered by: Robert Hadley at The Mastering Lab, Los Angeles, CA
Tracks recorded by: Bobby Ginsburg and Carter William Humphrey at Fox Force Five, Hollywood, CA
Vocals recorded by: Dylan Margerum at The Cutting Room, New York, NY
Strings recorded by: Bobby Ginsburg at Westlake Recorders, Hollywood, CA
All other recording at: Reagan's Garage, Los Angeles, CA

Additional Engineering and Pro Tools: Jeff Phurrough, Nick Sample, Marc Gonzalez, Jimmy Parr, Assistant Engineers: Anthony "Rocky" Gallo, Cesar Ramirez, Phil Carbo
Production Coordinator: Ben McCarthy
Administrative Assistance: Shauna Krikorian

Photography: Bob Gothard
Art Direction & Design: Lauren Camara

Personal Management: Kerri Brusca, KB Management
Personal Assistant to Carly Simon: Denise Searle
Website Management: Jodie Wright
Legal Representation: L. Lee Phillips

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