This album is dedicated to Paul Samwell-Smith

As I listen to this record I like to think this is the kind of music grown-ups like me can definetly get a little weepy over. But probably by the first two or three tracks, it will lull you to sleep as it is meant to do. Therefore, you won't notice if you have tears on your pillow.

The players on this CD are not studio musicians, although they are, but not on this project. The collaboration was like a band record more than a solo album. Everyone collected here on the Vineyard and recorded at Jimmy's studio where each of us had input and more. I didn't want to finish this project without it being known how much I love them and how much working with them has been a great joy in my life. Thank you Teese, Peter, David, Ben and Sally. Teese alone could have been the whole band, but by a stroke of genius luck, the others appeared. And especially thank you to my co-producer, Jimmy Parr.

I would like to give special thanks to: Steve, Denise Searle, Jodie Wright, Ben and Sally, Husband, Jimmy Hart, Mol, Raife, Tamara, Gary, Jules & Noah, Jessie, Arlyne Rothberg, Jac Holzman, Jake, Lee Phillips, Larry Ciancia, Jonno, Mia F., Nora E., Arlene Graff, Evelyn Pons, Ken Starr, Trish Kubal, The Wolf Family and John Forte. Thank you always to my family, Joey, Lucy, Peter, Richard and Andrea. Also, to my cousin Jean.

Much thanks and love to my friends at Columbia Records: Jay Landers, Steve Barnett, Tom Donnarumma, Bob Stringer, Sir Howard Stringer, Lisa Wolfe, Maggie Wang, Barbara Jones, Marc Offenbach, Denise Gatto and Allan Stein. Thanks also to Michele Anthony for her belief in this project.

Jimmy Parr would like to thank his loving, patient, and supportive family Laura, Sadie, Issac, Jerry & Carolyn, and the talented folks at MOTU.

Into White (2007)                           

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You Are My Sunshine   :   Lyrics

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I'll Just Remember You   :   Lyrics


Produced by Carly Simon
Co-Produced, Engineered & Mixed by Jimmy Parr
Executive Producer: Jay Landers
Recorded and Mixed at Parr Audio, Martha's Vineyard, MA
Mastered by Bob Ludwig / Gateway Mastering, Portland, ME
Personal Management: Jodie Wright
Art Direction: Michelle Holme
Photography: Sally Taylor, except pages 3 and 8 by Heidi Wild
Additional Mixing: Frank Wolf
String Arranger: Teese Gohl
Production Manager: Jill Dell'Abate
Assistant to Carly Simon: Denise Searle
Marketing Director: Lisa Wolfe
Marketing Consultant: Jay Krugman