My Romance (1990)                           

My Romance   :   Lyrics

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Here is My Romance an album which is as close to my heart as any album I have recorded of my own material. I grew up on these songs, my Mother sang them to my Father, my Father played them on the piano. Uncle Peter and Uncle Dutch sang them in the army in their jazz combo, then came home and taught them to me on the ukulele.

We were very much a New York family. We went to every musical that opened on Broadway and afterward came home and picked out songs on the piano. Arthur Schwartz (of Dietz and Schwartz) was my parents' closest friend, and because of him, we had entree into a lot of back stages and early rehearsal renditions of songs. I still have a '78 of Fred Astaire singing "I'll Got My Way By Myself." It was a demo he made for the movie studio. I listened to it for hours and studied his phrasing as the melodies danced through the songs as if to follow his feet.

I grew up wanting to be such a dancer, until I wanted to be a jazz singer, until I wanted to be a folk singer, until I wanted to be a rock singer, until I forgot what it was that I wanted, and just did (whatever "it" is). This is an album I have wanted to do for years. These are my favorite standards. This is my romance. Love, Carly

This album is dedicated to: Allie Brennan who lullabyed me with "Danny Boy" when all else failed to pacify me, and also to Frank Sinatra who might as well have been singing directly to me, I felt it so strongly.  Special Thanks: Clive Davis, Roy Lott, Bill Berger, and everyone at Arista Records. Jim, Mr. and Mrs. Nichols, Dirk Ziff, Danny Kosarin, Barry K., Tony Bongiovi, Andy, Peter, Lucy and Joey Simon, Ben and Sally Taylor, Kristine Kelleney and Irma Johnson