Spoiled Girl (1985)                           

My New Boyfriend   :   Lyrics

Come Back Home   :   Lyrics

Tonight and Forever   :   Lyrics

Spoiled Girl   :   Lyrics

Tired of Being Blonde   :   Lyrics

The Wives Are In Connecticut   :   Lyrics

Anyone But Me   :   Lyrics

Interview   :   Lyrics

Make Me Feel Something   :   Lyrics

Can't Give It Up   :   Lyrics

Black Honeymoon   :   Lyrics


If they asked me, I could write a book about all the time and care that went into making this album. Fellow musicians, friends, associates, dignitaries, luminaries, cadets and pupums, here is the special thanks section and because of the invention of alphabetical order, no one will feel slighted by being last, just because their name starts with a Z, which no ones does: Arthur Baker, Frank Filipetti, Andy Goldmark, Russell Kunkel, Lennie Petze, Phil Ramone, G.E. Smith, Paul Samwell-Smith, Don Was, T-Bone Wolk, Don Dempsey, Robby Kilgore, Scott Mabuchi, Tommy Mottola, Vicki Rovner, Arlene Rothberg, Robert Smith, Gina Silvester, Sally, Ben and James Taylor, Andreas Vollenweider, everyone at Right Track and Randy, Jeb and Al “The Champions.”  Special love to John Sykes who pointed me in the right direction.
Thanks again to Frank Filipetti who turned his life upside down for this project and to Russell Kunkel who turned me upside down.


Executive Producer: Lennie Petze for Red Sox Music Productions, Inc.
Mastered by: Ted Jensen at Sterling Sound, NY
Cover Design: Allen Weinberg, Cover Photos: Duane Michals
Hair and Makeup: Kin Kirby
All songs recorded at Right Track Recording, New York City, except for “Tired of Being Blonde,” “Can’t Give it Up,” which were recorded at Electric Lady Studios and Right Track. “Interview” was recorded at Shakedown Sound and Right Track, and “Anyone but Me” was recorded at Shakedown Sound, Right Track and mixed at The Hit Factory.