Boys In The Trees (1978)                           

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Boys In The Trees   :   Lyrics

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Produced by: Arif Mardin
Recorded and Mixed by: Lew Hahn

Recorded at Atlantic Studios, New York, NY
Additional recording at A & R Studios, New York, NY
Engineer for additional recording at Altantic Studios – Bobby Warner
Assistant engineers – Mike O’Reilly, Tom Heid, Bill Dooley, Ollie Cotton
Mastered by George Piros
All strings and horns arranged and conducted by Arif Mardin
Horn arrangement on Tranquillo by James Taylor and Arif Mardin
Production assistant – Cengiz Yaltkaya

Stu Scharf courtesy of Laissez-Faire Records
Randy and Michael Brecker courtesy of Arista Records
Hamish Stuart and Onnie McIntrye courtesy of Atlantic Recording Corp.
Luther Vandross courtesy of Cotillion Records
Eric Gale, Gordon Edwards, Dave Sanborn and Cornell Dupree courtesy of Warner Bros. Records Inc.
Eric Gale (as a solo artist) and James Taylor courtesy of Columbia Records.

String section consists of: Gene Orloff, (Concert Master), Jesse Levy, Kermit Moore, Homer Mensch, Alan Shulman, Joe Malin, Guy Lumia, Gerald Tarack, Harold Kohon, Mitsue Takayama, Julien Barber, Alfred Brown, Charles Libove, Paul Gershman, Frederick Buldrini, La Mar Alsop, Ted Hoyle, Jonathan Abramowitz, Marvin Morgenstern, Yoko Matsuo, Theodore Israel

Horn section consists of: Randy Brecker, trumpet
Michael Brecker, tenor sax
Eddie Bert & Barry Rogers, trombones
Harvey Estrin & George Young, alto sax
Jaroslav Jakubovic & Ronnie Cuber, baritone sax
James Buffington & Brooks Tillotson, French horns

Photography by: Deborah Turberville
Art Direction: Johnny Lee and Tony Lane
Management: Arlyne Rothberg

Thanks to: Paul Simon, Cengiz Yaltkaya, Chrissy Allerdingz, Gene Paul, Debbie Coleman, The Other Alligator, and finally but not for the first or last time to Mr. H.